My Photography

I had my first camera before I was 10 and my first SLR when I was 24. Serious photography came with the change to digital and the onset of retirement from full time employment as a civil engineer specialising in hydroelectric power. I gained my Licentiate Distinction from the Royal Photographic Society in 2008.

Now fully retired, I work with a group of artists in Norfolk ( and enjoy taking images which show what people have seen but not noticed.

I’ve lived in England, Scotland and Lesotho (Southern Africa) and have taken a camera to around 60 countries world-wide. I've had Nikon equipment since 1970 and currently use a D800 SLR supported by an Olympus EM-1, a Coolpix compact and, occasionally, the ubiquitous smartphone.

As an antidote to a world of manipulated images of all kinds, I believe that photographs should show what was there at the time when the shutter was pressed. So image manipulation is largely limited to cropping and minimal post-processing with Lightroom software.